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We offer a variety of services that are meant not only for the purpose of entertainment, but for learning opportunities, team building experiences, and also, to aid in fundraising efforts.  


A Venue’s services can be provided for any business or organization as well as to the individual . We provide the flexibility of travelling to your business or location of choice. 

        Note that A Venue is accommodating as it relates to format, structure and/or clients needs to create your ideal experience.    You may add your personal touch by allowing us to customize your experience and content, to truly make it your own!   


A lot of time and care has gone into creating intentional and creative experiences to ensure all participants are engaged and having fun!  All professional services are provided by knowledgeable parties who are highly skilled, respectful, well-groomed/respectable appearance and personable.

Thank you for considering us :) 

The sky is the limit for the services and entertainment you want A VENUE to perform…well within reason anyway

Game Show Services

Game Show Services

Game show & Game Services


Imagine a LIVE Game Show or Game Experience at the place of your choice!

Whether at a house party, business, or public event,

A VENUE offers a variety of

games that will surely keep your guests entertained! 

   Choose from our games that have been inspired from popular board games & t.v. game shows, as well as games that we have created.  We are also always adding to the list of our games and willing to create new experiences upon request!



Would you like to learn how to play poker in a stress-free environment?


Or perhaps you know how to play but would be interested in a hiring a professional poker dealer?


A VENUE offers a variety of different services whether it be your next poker game, networking function, or  fundraising event.

Here are just a few ideas that can add some excitement to your next event..

Bachelor/Bachelorette, Rehearsal Dinners, Holiday, Birthday, Anniversary, House-Warming,

Office & Poker Parties.

Team building

   Realizing the power of what games have to offer, inspired me to create a unique team building program that not only motivates your organization to work together & develop their strengths, but also to simultaneously promote fun & willing participation! 

A VENUE will work with you to help you create a team building program that will have your managers and employees enaged & participating in both mindful and physical type activities.

Try our new activity,


where teams compete for Gold, Silver and Bronze medals!


Virtual_Game_Pic-removebg-preview (1).pn

A VENUE offers a variety of Virtual Games that can be played in the comfort of your own home or anywhere you can get your computer tablet or smartphone!  


Every game will have a host to guide you through your experience, to go over rules, create teams, and to play the game of your choice. 

It is an easy way to escape reality, reduce stress levels, and

to allow some much

needed fun in our lives!

These games can be used for the purpose of learning, entertainment, & team-building. 


Couples Game

Show Night.

With your host...

Couples Game

Show Night.

With your host...


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